Episode 5 (Minisode): We chat with Josephine Otuagomah, Founder of The Black Hair Book and we discuss our worst black hairdresser experiences (and Janet’s favourite hairdresser).

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We loved our conversation with Josephine Otuagomah, the founder of The Black Hair Book. It is an online directory that helps you to discover the best Afro hair salons in London. We discussed the idea and how this came about, how she researched the idea, what she did to set it up.
In this minisode, we had a fun chat where we discussed some of our worst black-hairdresser experiences (yes relaxers/perms get a mention).  Janet also discusses her favourite hairdresser.  Have you had any absurd/insane black hairdresser experiences?  Tweet us at @JanetsList. If you love your Afro hair hairdresser, tell us about them as well!
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