About the podcast

About the show

Making Money Moves is a fortnightly podcast for female entrepreneurs and high impact women. Each episode opens up discussions about money, mindset and the moves people have made to develop successful businesses.

The guests on Making Money Moves share their personal experiences with us, and also their tips and strategies that you can apply to your own entrepreneurial journey.

About your hosts

Making Money Moves is hosted by friends and businesswomen, Janet Oganah and Adonica Simmons.

Janet Oganah is the founder of Janet’s List, and is passionate about intelligent, collaborative and creative work, which transforms people’s lives. A family law barrister for close to 7 years, a creative opportunity changed the course of her career. Through managing a celebrity’s social media (she’s an Academy Award Winner) she received a unique introduction into working with communities online. Since then, Janet has worked with an amazing array of female-led businesses on their strategy, communications, online presence and social media. She’s a passionate champion for women with whom she works and a vocal advocate for the potential women have to take charge when it comes to business – especially businesses headed by women of colour.

Adonica Simmons is a natural communicator and connector of people and solutions. She has a creative eye, a zest for technology, and a passion for charities. Adonica founded Global Style Services, which is a personal styling service that enables women and men, to exude confidence through the way that they look and impact wider audiences at professional, public or personal engagements. Many years as a professional woman in the IT world taught her that the daily task of getting dressed should not be underestimated as it has a direct impact on how you feel and perform, as well as how others engage and respond to you.

On Making Money Moves, Janet and Adonica interview a host of amazing women in business, who have challenged the status quo, struck out on their own, and achieved amazing things.