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S2 Episode 3: Kristabel Plummer, fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger discusses creativity, making moves into blogging and money.

Making Money Moves is podcast brought to you by Janet’s List, hosted by Janet Oganah and Adonica Simmons. The aim of our podcast is to open up conversations about money, mind-set, and the moves people have made to build successful businesses. If you are a female entrepreneur, a high impact woman or are simply looking for inspiration, this podcast is for you. We interview inspiring guests, mostly women of colour, who are building incredible businesses. Our guests will also share tips and strategies, which you can apply at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

We loved talking to Kristabel Plummer, fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. Creating her first website aged 13, Kristabel tells us how her knitwear degree led her to look for inspiration in unexpected places, walks us through the early stages of defining her freelance blogging career, and lets us in on the formula behind her slick self-shot Youtube channel. Kristabel shares the importance of being honest about the hiccups of life, opens up about her ‘unusual financial personality’ and highlights the need for representation across media platforms.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Looking for creative inspiration in unexpected places [2:05]
  • Working with an agent and how to manage that relationship – regaining control and handling the brand in-house [7:50]
  • Having a solid brand identity, and a website that reflects it [9:20]
  • Being the only black blogger in the room; championing representation and shouting out the platforms carrying that torch [10:04]
  • Brand collaborations – 3-month check-ins with agencies to update them on your movements as a method for attracting new business [11:35]
  • Using Streak to organise outreach and following up with contacts
  • How affiliate marketing platforms work and getting the right connections [15:20]
  • Consulting from a diverse and inclusive perspective for more accurate representation in advertising [19:22]
  • Living off £8k for the first year of blogging full time – taking advantage of promos, freebies and discounts [21:48]
  • Organising a freelancer ‘tax day’ with a friend each month to keep yourself organised [22:50]
  • What makes a small brand attractive to a blogger [25:25]
  • Janet’s list spotlight – AK Wilde cushions [28:18]
  • Guest nominees, Dorcas Creates, Remi Afolabe hands of style, Corina Woodburn style idealist [28:48]

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