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Episode 7: Starting and sustaining a food business – Chef Tokunbo Koiki of Tokunbo’s Kitchen

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Making Money Moves is a brand new podcast brought to you by Janet’s List, hosted by Janet Oganah and Adonica Simmons. The aim of our podcast is to open up conversations about money, mindset and the moves people have made to build successful businesses. If you are a female entrepreneur, a high impact woman or are simply looking for inspiration, this podcast is for you. We interview inspiring guests, mostly women of colour, who are building incredible businesses. Our guests will also share tips and strategies, which you can apply at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Market research to kick-start your business idea (7:06)
  • Lessons learnt from a launch – writing a list of what did and didn’t work and not beating yourself up about the gaps in your knowledge (11:54)
  • Asako, Ajo, Pardoner, Sacco – or group savings between friends and family to help generate your business seed fund – (15:03)
  • Rough cost estimates for launching a food truck business (15:50)
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – looking at the competition for new ideas (20:47)
  • Accessing the expertise within your networks to help form realistic business budgets (23:03)
  • Putting systems in place to save you working harder at the last minute (23:50)
  • Getting help – accessing free business support and coaching from local resources (24:25)
  • Securing and running a hotel kitchen residency (29:17)
  • Big Apple, Big Lessons – the invaluable experience of running a food pop-up in New York (30:25)
  • Best business outgoings, and the value of investing in PR (40:04)
  • Essential spending – why investing in photography matters (41:25)
  • Pounding John Boyega’s yam… (44:18)
  • Janet’s List Spotlight: A Life More Inspired (46:11)
  • Who Tokunbo would love to hear next on the show: Jessica Laditan of Africa Utopia and Prisca Moyesa, social media marketing whizz who has launched a new podcast (42:27)

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