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S2 Episode 1b: Kelechi Okafor on building her brand, her studio business & her revenue streams.

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Making Money Moves is  brought to you by Janet’s List, hosted by Janet Oganah and Adonica Simmons. The aim of our podcast is to open up conversations about money, mind-set, and the moves people have made to build successful businesses. If you are a female entrepreneur, a high impact woman or are simply looking for inspiration, this podcast is for you. We interview inspiring guests, mostly women of colour, who are building incredible businesses. Our guests will also share tips and strategies, which you can apply at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

We had an epic chat with Kelechi Okafor (are you ready for the receipts?): pole dancing instructor, studio owner, actress, public speaker, letter writer extraordinaire and a baby girl. 

In part two Kelechi lays out her journey from teaching pole dancing classes to establishing her very own studios in North and South London. Kelechi speaks about overcoming small thinking with the support of her partner, maximising the potential of her first studio and making a profit while keeping prices accessible, and raising her profile through features in Time Out, BBC Three’s Twerking Through Trauma and a Gal Dem live event at the V&A.

Kelechi speaks about the safe space she’s created in her classes where women feel comfortable enough to take their wigs off to get down, as well as the importance of sensuality and eroticism for maintaining a form of sexiness that hold humanity at its core.

Make sure you also catch our minisode where Kelechi break’s down the benefits of crowd-funding.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Its interesting how dedicated we are to being small’ [4.17]
  • Finding a location for her studio and working out costs [6:45]
  • Using social media, video and geo-tagging and other tips and tricks to drive business [7:05]
  • Using wedding funds as a start-up budget? A partner who supports your dreams [9:05]
  • The myths around interracial relationships, and the man Kelechi does not hide [11:28]!
  • Breaking and even and making profit in the first few months while pricing inclusively [13:00] 
  • Business branding, and deliberate presentation of a sexiness that retains humanity [22:34]. 
  • Focusing on the clients experience as a marketing tool – giving the audience images of themselves to attract them to your services [26:20]
  • Counting Kelechi’s revenue streams [27:23]
  • Negotiating your pricing – recognising your worth and seeing the bigger picture invoicing as a love letter to yourself [29;32]
  • Investing in a signature feature for your brand [36:08]
  • 42.00 – Janet’s List spotlight – Jim & Henry, A Life More Inspired and Equi Botanics 

If you would like to connect with us on social media, you can find us all here:

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

If you would like to connect with us on social media, you can find us all here:

Kelechi – @Kelechnekoff (Twitter) & (Instagram)

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